31 December 2009

Like the uncovering of the bodies as the giant sun soars up

So we could do a "best of 2009" type feature here. But that would mean having to exploit two faculties which are in a bad way chez my brain: remembering things, and putting things in order of preference (you should see me at the ballot box (PR-STV ftw!)).

Let's do something a little different. The Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal game in April was strange enough as it was, especially for an Arsenal fan. But to weird it up a squeak, when I wasn't tweeting stream links, I watched the second half with the volume turned down. My soundtrack instead was Barafundle by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci — which is, conveniently, forty-eight minutes long. I was listening to this album again lately, and the memories of confusion, Arshavin, confusion, Arshavin and confusion returned like aftershocks.

So here's a trip 'round my mind as it was on the evening of 21 April 2009. By the wonders of science, I have determined which song was playing as each of the seven second-half goals was scored. I will leave any Dark Side of Oz coincidences up to the reader (a knowledge of Welsh might help). Just realise the cognitive dissonance involved here.

1-1 — Torres — 'The Barafundle Bumbler'

2-1 — Benayoun — 'Patio Song'

2-2 — Arshavin — 'Bola Bola' ("Tummy tummy")

2-3 — Arshavin — 'Cursed, Coined and Crucified'

3-3 — Torres — 'Sometimes the Father Is the Son'

3-4 — Arshavin — 'Hwyl Fawr i Pawb' ("Goodbye to everyone")

4-4 — Benayoun — 'Wordless Song'


Now that I've shared almost half the album with you, do buy it if you like what you hear (there's some even better stuff elsewhere on the record) and salve my conscience into the bargain. Happy new year, folks.


Elliott 1/1/10 7:49 AM  

But Fredo, the creepiest part of the Dark Side/Oz comb is how "black" lines up with the Witch the first time through, and "blue" lines up with the Wozard the second time through.

I can only imagine how the ever delectable Super Furry Animals play out to the first half...

Don't you hate how performance enhancing drugs mess with your mind and short term memory?

A wittering idiot 1/1/10 2:53 PM  

Actually, Meirion Wyllt works pretty well as a microcosm of the entire game.

Fredorrarci 1/1/10 6:14 PM  

Yeah, I was kind of hoping 'Meirion Wyllt' would turn up; as you say, it would have been perfect.

(As a sidenote, I've noticed that the theme music on practically every football podcast is dreadful. (An exception is Alan Davies' Arsenal pod, which uses 'Move On Up' by Curtis Mayfield.) If I had a football podcast of my own (which I don't, and never will -- it would be awful), 'Meirion Wyllt' would be the intro music, and 'Hwyl Fawr I Pawb' would be the closing theme.)

Now you have me wondering, Elliott, which SFA songs would be appropriate for Arshavin. '(Running) Rings Around the World', maybe...

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