05 January 2010

Text and death

The new issue of The Norman Einsteins is now live, and your favourite writer whose pesudonym ends in "-edorrarci" has a piece in it. It celebrates, curses and laments the decaying institution that is teletext and its place in the lives of those sports fans who have encountered it.

Check out the rest of the issue as well, of course, including our New Year's resolutions. The site also has a neat RSS'd page linking to an array of sportological goodness from around the web, which is well worth subscribing to.


Elliott 7/1/10 9:49 PM  

I thought Bedorrarci wrote exclusively full time for futfanaico.org? Total shocker!

Fredorrarci 7/1/10 9:58 PM  

Bedorrarci! My mortal enemy! How dare you mention that cur's name around here!

Elliott 9/1/10 8:20 PM  

I am unfamiliar with the term "cur," but deduce from the word "dare" and the exclamation points that you are either elated or quite upset. Either way, I slowly step backwards, towards the door...

Red Ranter 10/1/10 10:37 PM  

Cur = dog, isn't it? Shakespearean origin, I think.

Fredorrarci 11/1/10 12:01 AM  

That's the one. Don't know if it's of Shakespeare's invention, but it certainly appears in his work.

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