27 October 2011

Keeping It Peel 2.2: the podcast

So you've read the Keeping It Peel post, marvelled at our exquisite taste (and Peel's, of course), but thought to yourself, "Y'know, there's an awful lot there — I wish there was some kind of digest of all this: perhaps a 48-minute podcast including a track from each of the artists featured, some of which tracks were included in the post, others of which are different Peel session tracks from the artist in question. It would be nice if it included a few extras as well. Yes, that'd do juuuuuuust nicely."

Well, quite. Presenting: that thing you were wishing for:

You can download all 43.9 MB-worth of it here. The way of these things dictates that the sound quality varies between songs, and sometimes within a song, but I hope it doesn't detract from your listening pleasure. I mean, I've even made some of the songs fade in and out of one another, all posh like.

The tracklist is:
(0:00) Jimi Hendrix, Radio 1 'jingle' — 15/12/1967
(1:15) Half Man Half Biscuit, "Uffington Wassail" — 25/08/1999
(4:24) Elvis Costello & the Attractions, "Less Than Zero" — 25/07/1977
(7:48) John Cooper Clarke, "(I Married a) Monster from Outer Space" — 03/10/1978
(10:13) Datblygu, "Baban, Nerfau Mor Rhydd"
(12:20) Viv Stanshall, "In the Final Analysis" — 16/10/1975
(15:44) The Symbols, "Last Rose of Summer"
(17:47) Laura Cantrell, "Indoor Fireworks" — 08/05/2003
(22:07) Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, "Better Rooms" — ?
(24:33) McCarthy, "An MP Speaks" — 07/10/1986
(26:26) Manic Street Preachers, "Been a Son"
(28:52) The Delgados, "Accused of Stealing" — 29/03/2000
(34:43) The Fall, "Winter" — 26/08/1981
(42:47) Pulp, "I Love Life" — 12/08/2001
The dates are when each song was recorded. Those tracks without dates come from sources other than Peel sessions:
"Baban, Nerfau Mor Rhydd" comes from the Datblygu album Wyau;

"Last Rose of Summer" was covered by the Delgados at Peel's request in a 2002 session;

I thought that "Better Rooms" was from a Peel session, but after putting it on the podcast, I couldn't find any info on it. So it's most likely for another show altogether (The Evening Session, maybe?). Ah well. It's good, though!;

"Been a Son" (a cover of the Nirvana song) was recorded for Radio 1's The Evening Session (I think!).
Note: when you load this gem of a thing onto your music-spraying machine of choice, the "album cover" accompanying it will be that for the BBC 5 Live World Football Phone-in. I do not know how this happened.



elliott 27/10/11 5:24 PM  

This is brilliant Fredo!

I actually thought of "less than zero" last Sunday when United lost 6-1 to City. I thought - scoring a single goal is worse than none because it showed you tried and cared. Folks see a 6-0 and think the scrubs played or some hotel food got contaminated. But 6-1 is a hiding, plain and simple.

Webbie - FootieAndMusic 27/10/11 10:24 PM  

Down with this sort of thing.

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