10 December 2011

Parish newsletter

Two quick bursts of info before we lose our breath and look plaintively in the direction of the subs warming up by the touchline:

The Classical is live. See my piece on the clash between José Mourinho's josemourinhoness and Real Madrid and Barcelona's realmadridandbarcelonaness, SIATVS contributor Elliott Futfanatico's article on how José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola manipulate their respective clubs in order to secure their status (his take on Guardiola is particularly perceptive), and a whole bunch of other lovely stuff we've been putting together since November.

The Supermassivoclásico is not the only big game this weekend, no sir. A bunch of gamers from Cork will be trying to set a world record by playing FIFA 12 for 2,012 minutes (that's over 33 hours, time fans). In doing so, Fi-Fa-4-Fun hope to raise €2,012 for Children in Hospital Ireland, a charity dedicated to making life easier for sick children and their parents by organising play sessions, advocating for their welfare, and doing lots of other good stuff. You'll be able to watch the lads via webcam from this morning until the conclusion tomorrow evening. If you donate, you can even play against them online. Even if notching easy wins against sleep-deprived opponents isn't your thing, do head over and consider giving to this deserving cause.


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