29 May 2010

My entire future depends upon the whims and foibles of eleven pairs of dirty great boots from Gateshead

Prompted by a tweet by @darcysarto, I've been watching episodes of Hancock's Half Hour lately. This one, from 1959, I'd never seen before. It's got everything: gambling, history, big shorts, muddy pitches, the existential angst of the turnstile operator, conflicting styles of fandom, terrace violence, match fixing, sports science, the birth of Total Football, and Sid James' cackle. Part one is above; parts two and three are after the jump.


Anonymous,  2/6/10 1:03 PM  

Many thanks for the hat tip. Haven't seen that episode myself, so I'll look forward to watching it later.



Fredorrarci 2/6/10 2:31 PM  

You're welcome. And thank you.

Jason 10/6/10 7:31 PM  

OMG! Amazing. Ah, how I remember the mighty East Cheam United - La Machina, as they were known.

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