23 October 2009

The internet (abridged)

(H/T: EPL Talk)

(H/T: Ball Don't Lie, The Baseline)


Unsatisfactory statistics in football and basketball.

Onomastics with Uli.

The reason I daren't switch on 5 Live when there's a match on anymore.

When messiness is a good thing. That's messiness, not Messiness, though that's good too. (The author is right about that piece he links to, incidentally...)

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Sea the Stars.

A chilling missive from a company contracted to Manchester City Footfall (sic) Club. A company called (*shudder*) Synovate. (Via WSC.)

Domenech, jazzman.

Wayne Rooney's face in a tree.



Eric 25/10/09 8:52 PM  

And so at least one good thing has come from the preseason. That's pretty awesome. For the Lakers.

Domenech is every Charlie Parker wannabe rolled into one football manager, certainly. I'm not sure how, but it totally works.

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