26 October 2009

Benny and the jet

Fernando Torres has garnered most of the plaudits for Liverpool's goal against Manchester United yesterday, and he did tremendously well to finish as he did, especially with Rio Ferdinand hanging off him. But Yossi Benayoun could hardly have made it any easier for him. Look at that pass, dear Lord.


Elliott 27/10/09 2:50 PM  

Benayoun has fed Torres some fantastic passes in his years at Liverpool...when not bailing Gerrard out of jail, that is.

Richard Whittall 27/10/09 8:20 PM  

My favourite is Anfield going mad with the owners high fiving each other like five year olds, and there's Rafa, checking his watch.

Fredorrarci 27/10/09 11:26 PM  

I read a description somewhere last week of Benitez as an Iceman. He's never seemed like an iceman to me -- he's someone desperately trying to look like an iceman, which is a different thing entirely.

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