28 January 2009

Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my donkey

Well, well, well. Welly, welly, welly. Wellisy, wellisy wellisy...

As Brian mentioned in his Slate piece on Masal Bugduv, he was in contact with somebody claiming to be responsible for the whole episode. In trying to establish whether this person was genuine, it was suggested that he might log in to one of the message boards in which the fake AP stories appeared and post a message with an agreed wording. Today, 606 user Galwaygooner, author of many of these stories, posted this:

So, it appears we know whodunnit. There's more to come on this, with any luck.


6000 4/2/09 2:00 PM  

You have to say - that is magnificent.

Anonymous,  20/10/09 5:57 PM  

He's at it again, world beware...check out the recent posts from his 606 profile.

Dylan Jellett.

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