28 January 2009



  • ...you imagine the posts on this site being read by the author in a voice somewhere between Richard Burton and Laurence Olivier and want to have your illusions brutally obliterated**;

  • ...you want to hear an application of the technique I used for my French and Irish oral exams at school, ie. keep talking and don't stop until the examiner shuts you up;

  • ...you are absolutely desperate to hear the Masal Bugduv story yet again...

...then tune in to CBC's As It Happens today, where I -- assuming the producers haven't seen sense in the meantime -- will be putting in an appearance. The show runs from 6:30-8pm Eastern Time, 11:30pm-1am GMT. My descent into media whoredom begins here!

In the meantime, continuing the theme of my own post titles putting songs in my head, here's a couple more:

**Actually, whatever I sound like in the interview, I don't sound like that.


Richard Whittall 28/1/09 10:44 PM  

I couldn't be prouder to be Canadian that my own national broadcaster is making Fred a sensation.

Richard Whittall 29/1/09 12:00 AM  

Damn interviewer cut you off in the middle of a great rant on the sorry state of mainstream football media to make a lame pun on Reading!

Great stuff, and it sounds like they may have you back for more exciting developments!

Fredorrarci 29/1/09 1:28 AM  

I chickened out from listening to it. Well, Match of the Day was on, you know...It wasn't too horrible was it?

Yeah, the producer told me afterwards that the show had some kind of running gag about Reading or something? I thought it was a slightly strange question alright.

Brian 30/1/09 2:27 PM  

I thought it was a joke on the fact that a player who had only a literary existence would win a transfer to a club named "reading". I'm so, so glad I was wrong.

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