27 November 2008

You, some time in your life

Don't try telling me you haven't felt/acted like this when your team has lost a big game, you lying snotballs.

Via Why, That's Delightful!


Brian 28/11/08 2:20 PM  

In fairness to the girls, David Cook is terrible.

Fredorrarci 28/11/08 10:08 PM  

I wouldn't know. I became disillusioned when Clay outsold Ruben.

Jim 2/12/08 7:45 AM  

I have no idea who or what they are screaming about, but that is truly terrifying.

Fredorrarci 2/12/08 6:22 PM  

I believe this is what they were getting so het up about. Not that I've ever seen it, you understand, oh no no no no, never, you wouldn't catch me dead watching it...

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