02 December 2008

Directive from the regime

Modesty forbids me to mention that you have yet another chance to prove your undying love for me and then stand by and watch as I fail even more hideously than last time before I retire to a godforsaken cave somewhere in the Andes to cry my worthless little eyes out and wonder whether I would have been better off starting up that Diagnosis Murder wiki I always dreamed of. So I won't.


Brian 2/12/08 2:55 AM  

At least they're moving slightly closer to printing the actual name of your blog. . .

Ahmed 2/12/08 6:16 AM  

Fixed. Thanks Brian :)

Richard Whittall 2/12/08 12:55 PM  

I voted!

I have to say, I'm loving all this democracy lately. That said, Big Blogger still hasn't announced the winners and I have a feeling they may toss out the results, seeing as a piece on a washed up old NHL goalie beat a piece on cricket in an English newspaper.

Better luck to you sir! And be sure to vote for Brian as well!

Richard Whittall 2/12/08 12:57 PM  

Oh, and your name is now 'Sport is a Show,' according to Soccerlens. And what a jolly good show it is!

Fredorrarci 2/12/08 6:16 PM  

"Voted"? Voted for what? Did I drop an oh-so-subtle hint or something? Etc.

I don't think I've ever received a letter that's had both my name an address spelt properly for some reason (it's not even as if they're that unusual) so I can live with the varied nomenclature. Though in fact, checking the SIATVS Constitution, the official name of the blog is The Most Serene Republic of Sport Is a TV Show, so we've all been getting it wrong all along anyway.

And as I type, the Big Blogger result is in. Good luck in the final, villasupportgroup!

Steve 3/12/08 3:16 PM  

I'm from Chicago where the election day catch phrase is "Vote early and often." We once had 105% voter turnout, in fact.

Sorry I didn't exercise my right often enough in your case, F.

Fredorrarci 4/12/08 2:38 AM  

Hey there, Steve.

By the sounds of that, Sinn Féin might get on well in Chicago...

I think I read somewhere that there was once an election in an African country where the turnout was 17 1/2 times the electorate...

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