27 November 2008

Don't watch this, watch that

Let's see what you're really made of. Richard Whittall over at A More Splendid Life challenges you to look deep into your soul and confront your Premier League dependency by temporarily forsaking The Greatest League In The World, as he explains:

All I'm asking is that you watch another league EXCLUSIVELY from this weekend's fixtures through to December 21st (yes, you can switch back for the Christmas break games in the Premier League)
And Richard will be donating twenty of the Queen's Canadollars to the environmental charity, the David Suzuki Foundation, for each person who takes up the gauntlet. Think about it - he'll effectively be paying you, as a citizen of the earth, to watch football. Albeit in a very indirect way.

Anyway, head on over for the full details. If you dare, that is.


Richard Whittall 28/11/08 4:29 AM  

I'm going broke for science!

Richard Whittall 30/11/08 11:52 PM  

Uhhh...I hope you're not mad at me if you missed Chelsea Arsenal.

Fredorrarci 1/12/08 2:50 PM  

Well, I did enter into this of my own free will, if that assuages the enormous guilt you're doubtless feeling...

At least I'll miss the embarrassing dropping of points against Wigan and Boro. I'm looking forward to the mauling Arsenal will give to their first post-IWALM opponents - let's see who they are...


For the record, I've gone for the Spanish league, though I hardly saw any sport at all over the weekend. I caught the closing minutes of Getafe-Real Madrid and the whole of Sevilla-Barca, by the end of which I concluded that I love Lionel Messi a little more than I did before.

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