29 September 2008

From our Autumn/Winter collection

Following its successful trial launch last year, we are proud to announce the full rollout of our captivating new range of bespoke accessory: memento mori. Nothing says "ambitious, go-getting, neo-Thatcherite football club" like your very own custom-made memento mori. We have gathered the finest haute couture designers ever to work with polyester to create a bold and unique collection for the refined palate of the wearer who has heard of "rational decision making" as a concept, but doesn't know why you're bringing it up now.

memento mori. Remember you are mortal - but you can also be fabulous!


Richard Whittall 29/9/08 11:01 PM  

THIS IS BRILLIANT. That Chelsea shirt is just...perfect.

Fredorrarci 30/9/08 6:35 PM  

Just bear in mind that this is probably the best post I'll ever come up with. It's all downhill from here...

Richard Whittall 30/9/08 10:59 PM  

While I somehow don't think so, considering my own content since my little romp in July, I know exactly what you mean...

Fredorrarci 1/10/08 4:44 PM  

Without wanting to turn this into a you're-great-no-you're-great-no-you're-great type of thing, I repectfully disagree.

Richard Whittall 1/10/08 6:18 PM  

Hey, if we don't slather one another with compliments, who will? Friends? Family?

I seriously think you should silk screen that Chelsea shirt. I will pay you in precious precious Euros for it.

Anonymous,  3/10/08 11:05 PM  

I wish Bolton would assume the old traditions of the XFL. How great would it be to see Danny Shittu wearing a He Hate Me shirt?

Fredorrarci 4/10/08 1:05 AM  

Perhaps Bolton could petition IFAB for a change to the coin toss: instead, they could place the ball on the centre spot and have one player from each side run and lunge two-footed at it. They'd never lose (the choice of ends)!

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