04 October 2008

Mark Lawrenson's egg 'n' crass sandwich

A couple of weeks ago, we documented the expert stupidity of one Mark Lawrenson with regard to his ignorance of the rules of the game which he is paid with public money to pass judgement on. One thing I missed at the time, because I'm not stupid enough to refrain from changing the station when the Match of the Day panel start talking about the issue of dangerous tackles, was Mark Lawrenson scoffing at anyone who disagrees with the notion that snapping an opponent's leg in two is an incontrovertible demonstration of one's virility (I'm paraphrasing).

And on today's Football Focus, he chose to enlighten a discussion about the vile abuse suffered by Sol Campbell last weekend with an anecdote about the stick he himself got from Everton fans in the '80s because he had just got highlights in his hair.

Underneath a back garden is a dead mog, suddenly, inexplicably, nervous...


Rob Marrs 12/10/08 3:20 PM  

He talks bollocks a lot. He (and many pundits) have no idea about the new offside rule.

''He's flagged very late'' because he's supposed to you cretin, he was waiting to see if the player played the ball, interfered with it or gained an advantage...


Fredorrarci 12/10/08 4:59 PM  

Amen. The problem is that so many pundits seem to believe that the game was just perfect when they were playing, and that any changes since must be degenerative. This goes for rule changes (offside being the best example) or the reduced tolerance of over-physical play.

Of course, it's not just Lawrenson, it's practically all of them (don't get me started on Alan Shearer...). And their 'analysis' is about as illuminating as a nightlight in a black hole.

PS Hello from one Super Furrys fan to another...

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