10 June 2008

After seven songs, the singer finally acknowledged the presence of the crowd with an "oh, hello there"

..."crowd"...yeah, sure...

Anyway, it's probably about time for an introductory post of sorts...well, the first post would have been a more appropriate time. But hey, what can I say? Podaspheria has been good to me these last few days, and I've barely had time to catch my breath for all of the top-notch, award-winning* wisdom I've distilled from the ether and presented thus far to you, dear reader (reader...yeah, sure).

No doubt Sport Is A TV Show will go the way of most such ventures: an enthusiastic beginning driven by a frantic burst of creativity (read: YouTube clips, comedy regional British accents, sarky digs at easy targets and ideas nicked from other people); then, the author gets bored/discovers girls/forgets to pay the broadband bill and the blog eventually becomes 404. But let's not harsh my buzz just yet; we're here, right now, and isn't that what matters?

I plan to tart the site up a bit; nothing major for now: a blogroll here, perhaps, some widgets over there, maybe that bamboo table we saw in the shops at the weekend by the armchair.

I've also commissioned a professional blurb writer to compose a proper About page, which will appear as soon as I can negotiate the fee down a bit (no, a lot).

In its place, for now, this will have to do: my name is Fredorrarci. I'm in my twenties. I come from Ireland. I support Arsenal. I think about sport, and football in particular, more than is reasonable, yet experience it almost totally through the mass media. I've created this blog because I'm not in school anymore, and so can no longer make sarcastic comments about the teacher from the back of the class, and my doctor says I need an outlet.

If you stumble across my little speck of space-dust in the blogosphere**, feel free to leave a comment, or email me at fredorrarci[at]gmail[dot]com. I need the validation. Just remember that if you say anything negative, the psychiatrist's bills are on you, okay?

*award bought on credit

**the last time I'll use this word


Steve 10/6/08 10:12 PM  

Well, even though this is not my first comment, it is an occasion to welcome you, Fredorrarci, to the soccer* blogosphere**. I can tell already you've got a distinctive voice. In fact, if we can come to an agreement on price, I'd happily consider writing your profile. I promise I'd use words like brilliant, witty and insightful.

There's some statistic saying that eskimos have something like 22 different words for snow. You football supporters from the Isles are similar, it seems. For that reason, I think there's more nuance in your assessments of the game. If you want sophisticated appraisals from an American, ask us about pizza. Susan is a rare exception, having consumed many more soccer matches than pepperoni slices. At the same time, we don't live with that particular sport like it's a TV show. I'm sure the avid fan's experiences over there are very different from ours over here. As one of your crowd, I'll look forward to the cultural exchange, that is, as long as I get at least some of your jokes.

* or do you prefer football?

** or do you prefer blogitorium?

fredorrarci 11/6/08 3:41 PM  

You love me! You realy love me!...


Thanks for your kind words, and your offer to write the profile; it's already booked, unfortunately. But those words "brilliant, witty and insightful", they're gold - each genuine quote means one fewer made-up one required to fill up the space.

I'm starting to feel the pressure now. First, I overplay my hand and make a load of posts in a short space of time; and now I'm expected to make nuanced, sophisticated appraisals of the game? I feel like an Englishman in a shoot-out...

*Oh, don't get me started on that again!

**Blogitorium? I like!

Anonymous,  11/6/08 7:50 PM  

I meant to thank you yesterday for mentioning Podaspheria. At least she's inspiring someone these days, if not me.

And I also forgot to comment about your newspaper's conclusion that the appropriate side for Ireland to support would be Poland. I guess by that measure we Chicagoans should do the same, as it's always said that only Warsaw has a greater concentration of Poles. I made some new friends a few years ago (2005) because of this. I was having the kitchen painted and went to tape (pre-DVR days) a champions league match for Steve. That made the day for the three Polish guys in my kitchen, as they were Liverpool fans (Jerzy Dudek). They didn't think they'd get to see the Liverpool-Chelsea match live that day. Soccer is indeed the universal language.

fredorrarci 12/6/08 4:34 PM  

Nice story, Susan. And it's always a bonus whenever someone wants Chelsea to lose.

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