24 August 2012

The Normanthology may or may not save your life

News for you, darlings. Those of you who have hung around hereabouts since days of yore, God love you, will remember that I occasionally contibuted to Norman Einstein's, a monthly online sports magazine. It went for 21 issues, and it was bloody good. Now, the editor, Cian O'Day, has picked some of the best pieces and arranged them in book form. There's something of mine in there, but if that doesn't put you off, please consider giving something to the Normanthology's Kickstarter drive. $10 will get you a copy of the book; more dollars will get you more stuff. Give $150 and I will write that article of mine on Venezuelan winter league baseball you've fantasised about for so long.

Some of the Einstein's crew can be found at Steven Lebron talking about the book and the site and whatnot. Cian and Einstein's contributor Graydon Gordian do likewise with David Roth at that Classical.

You have two weeks to give give give — even less if you're reading this after I write it. We'll be forever grateful if you do, and you'll be one great book to the good. Go raibh míle!


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