26 July 2012

John the Baptist knows the score

Something new from me at The Classical. It's a companion to this. Both were basically inspired by the fact that the imminent departure of my favourite player from Arsenal doesn't overly bother me. This is a sign of either my growing maturity, my conquering of optimism, or the faint possibility that [BENDTNER JOKE].

Above is a song by Laughing Clowns to accompany your reading. What if football clubs split up like bands do?

In other news, here's a nice bit of video in which Nigel Half Man Half Biscuit and Geoff Probe talk about John Peel.


elliott 27/7/12 12:50 AM  

Calling depressingly low expectations of happiness a "sign of maturity" is a "sign of maturity" I hear. Congrats.

Who wants to score goals and win games and titles anyway? I'm in it for the scarves.

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