02 April 2010

8-1. 8-bloody-1

On the occasion of us finding this wonderful 2000 Michael Palin interview at the When Saturday Comes website, here again is the "Golden Gordon" episode of his Ripping Yarns series. I say "again" because, as a few of you may remember, it was posted here some time ago; however, the uploader has since been taken away to be re-educated, and his/her videos have disappeared. Luckily, someone else has submitted it, and in view of the fact that the SIATVS header is culled from said episode (an idea we nicked off these chaps), it would be wrong not to have it available here. Part one is above; subsequent parts are after the jump.

(By the way: does anyone know which teams are featured in the footage at the beginning of the episode? And what grounds the games are being played in? I would guess that the team in the white-sleeved shirts might be Arsenal, and the aerial shot at the end of the montage is obviously Wembley.)


Colin 2/4/10 6:13 PM  

That was great! Good thing I have the day off today. I just watched the whole thing. What a joy. Cheers!

Webbie - FootieAndMusic 2/4/10 6:15 PM  

Осем кървава едно !

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