17 February 2010


In the last post, I gave a prediction as to how the BBC might choose to promote their World Cup coverage this year:

I'm looking into the future ... I see ... George's crosses ... lots of George's crosses ... three lions ... a red jersey ... a close-up of Ashley Cole's face ...
Well, as Nick pointed out in a comment on said post, Setanta were way ahead of me:

Ahem. I am suitably embarrassed by my inability to conjure up the white cliffs of Dover, plus three galloping lions reflected in Fabio Capello's glasses.

Was there not something even more egregious, though, before Setanta's first England game (I believe it was the 4-1 win in Croatia)? Involving poetry or something? I have been unable to locate it. Do my work for me and let me know that I wasn't dreaming it, dear readers, won't you?


Elliott 17/2/10 11:39 PM  

I've always loved the lion as a symbol because male lions are notoriously lazy, play with the pups, and let the females do the hunting and nest cleaning.

In sum, I was a lion in a past life, and it manifests itself too often in my human incarnation. But how can a male England national team fare? And why don't they comb or take care of their hair like the proud lion's mane it is?

NickDunmore 18/2/10 10:24 AM  

11 men lined up with arms folded on the white cliffs of Dover at that. England squad as border police?

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