22 January 2010

Battery in your leg

Perhaps there has been a bit too much "things have been a bit quiet around here lately" around here lately, but an operation of this kind of intellectual gravity requires periodic seasons of fallowness to allow the soils of knowledge to bloom with the flowers of genius, and so forth. Things will pick up when they pick up, and you'll be damned grateful for it too, I'll warrant.

The picking-up will, hopefully, commence this weekend, as we plan to engage in a multi-platform, hyper-dimensional, meta-meta experiment, conditional on schedule synchronicity, an uncharacteristic absence of time-zone mix-ups and Aunt Agatha not making any unexpected visits. Details to come, if it happens; otherwise, your computer will self-destruct ... when you least expect it.

In other news, hasn't this transfer window been the most blissful time of your life? How quiet! How serene! How divine! Although my sources tell me that Finn Harps have tabled a loan bid for Ruud van Nistelrooy, so one to watch out for there.

There Are No Fours have posted some great stuff in response to Arenas/Crittenton gun/fingergun episode. Here is the latest, opening out onto the general issue of sport and morality. Also related to sport and morality, except this time on the field of play, is this by Ted Harwood at Running Downhill from a while back, which if I didn't already link to here or on Twitter, I'm doing now. Léigí!

Ted has also passed along this. To re-iterate a point I made on Twitter: people say you can either love or hate Robbie Savage; I say you can do both.

It's nearly Winter Olympics time! Spencer Hall samples the glory of curling first hand (link via Plasma Pool). Zach Dundas makes the case against the case against the Winter games.

If you haven't seen what's brewing at The Run of Play, brace yourself.

What does Cormac McCarthy think of that thing with the handball and the tears and that? Adrian Russell knows.

Dirty Tackle has moved to Yahoo. See Brooks Peck's face!

Left Back in the Changing Room has posted a Roberto Baggio compilation video. Altogether now: swoon.

Video has surfaced of that Usain Bolt/Kerry football meeting, reported on here last week. Aye, but sure what'd he be like in an O'Byrne Cup match on a filthy Sunday in January, hah? Hah?!

Bill McLaren passed away this week. Here, via the Guardian, is himself commentating on Paul Thorburn's extraordinary 70-yard penalty back in "the day". Dollink, either you got it or you don't got it, and both Thorburn and McLaren gotted it. Listen for McLaren's immediate reaction to the kick.

Finally, just because it was in the Related Videos on the Thorburn/McLaren page, that Gavin Henson kick. Here's selfishly hoping his loss of motivation is temporary and that he can get back to doing stuff like this.


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