02 November 2009

On-uh, foot-uh, baaaallll-uh

Found this while perusing the Toob for material related to The Fall, who are my new thing, it appears. It's Mark E. Smith talking about football on something called Goal TV from 1994. I'm not totally sure what Goal TV was, but it may have been the name given to one of those themed nights BBC Two were fond of doing around that time. (There certainly was one dedicated to football, I remember.) There's a great, if brief, bit of classic George Best footage in there too.

Of course, this is not the only Smith/football crossover. Here's the quintessential example, featuring Ray Stubbs describing something as "ace", which just doesn't work:

As for the music: here's a couple of choons, the first introduced by Tony "Anthony" Wilson in typical fashion:


Eric Freeman 2/11/09 1:23 AM  

Watching George Best highlights to "Hip Priest" is one of the greatest things possible.

Ted 2/11/09 4:44 PM  

Bless you, Fred, for putting up a vid of "Hit the North".

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