04 November 2009


I mentioned Tony Wilson in the last couple of posts, and there's a curious sporting connection with the man. Turns out he had a close lifelong friendship with Seán Boylan, legendary multi-All-Ireland winning Gaelic football manager. This was never common knowledge, as far as I'm aware; certainly the first I heard of it was in this radio interview with Boylan by RTE's Dave Fanning shortly after Wilson's death in 2007. (I'm pretty sure that clip is playable outside Ireland, though how interested you strangers would be in it I'm not sure.)

EDIT: In case you don't know who Tony Wilson was, this is the chap.


adrian russell 5/11/09 3:26 AM  

How can the man who unleashed THAT horrible, cynical team on us be friends with the man who sent the Happy Mondays to Jamaica? I'm stumped.

Fredorrarci 5/11/09 4:24 PM  

And he genuinely seems such a nice fella as well. It's a puzzler, alright.

Anonymous,  11/11/09 12:24 PM  

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