27 November 2009

The Occasional Biscuit: I can't stand any more 'cos I can't stand anymore

A banner inspired by a Half Man Half Biscuit album cover, a username creatively misspelling a Half Man Half Biscuit lyric, several posts whose titles were nabbed from Half Man Half Biscuit songs, a series of posts dedicated to Half Man Half Biscuit songs with a sporting connection...

...You don't think it looks a bit like that fella who had a room covered with pictures of Alan Partridge, do you?

Anyway, this edition of The Occasional Biscuit is brought to you courtesy of Webbie of Football & Music. He had first dibs on this song, and not several hours ago (well, yes several hours ago), he posted it. So with indecent haste, here it is too.

But before we get to what is (not to overstate the case) THE GREATEST FOOTBALL SONG EVER, do make sure to check out the F&M post, which also features two other great HMHB tunes, including their version of the Bristol Rovers favourite 'Goodnight Irene'. In addition, I had a hand in selecting the songs in a recent F&M post, focusing on the insanely wonderful football/Jorge Ben intersection.

To business. Calling this, as I did, THE GREATEST FOOTBALL SONG EVER may seem like damning with faint praise, but ... just listen. This is 'Friday Night and the Gates Are Low' from the album Some Call It Godcore. Some background info: it's inspired by futile years spent at Prenton Park. Tranmere Rovers used to play some (all?) of their home games on Fridays to avoid a clash with whoever between Liverpool and Everton were at home that weekend. Jimmy Greaves would then take the piss out of them the next day.

This series is all downhill from here...


Webbie @ Football and Music 28/11/09 1:48 AM  

I think people will appreciate this three minutes seven seconds of genius even more if they study the lyrics too.

Elliott 1/12/09 1:50 PM  

Rockin song Fredo - does "jocks" mean the same thing in the UK, or is there some spiritual unison between horse jockeys and goalkeepers?

Fredorrarci 1/12/09 1:58 PM  

Jocks = gentleman's sporting undergarments.

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