09 August 2009

I'm sold

I'll not lie to you: I'm deeply, deeply ashamed that I didn't know about these until now.

From La Liga Loca the other day:

One of these scenarios has never been used by Getafe as part of an advertising campaign to boost season ticket sales ahead of a new campaign. Three of them have.

a) A teenage boy changes into his transvestite alter ego while his dad watches in the background. “My father’s proud of me. I’m a Getafe fan,” he says.

b) A pot-bellied Madrid taxi-driver type sits in the stands at Getafe’s Coliseum stadium while two blonde lap-dancers bump-and-grind over him as a match takes place below. “Life doesn’t get any better than this,” he grins.

c) A series of religious figures including Joan of Arc, Moses and Jesus give up their spiritual paths and turn their back on God to become Getafe fans.

d) A despondent looking man in his dressing grown gives birth to an egg. Out of the egg jumps a dwarf dressed in a muscle suit. The tiny person then proceeds to leap around in a feverish, excitable manner.

The odd one out is answer b) - although the idea is probably being lined up for next summer.
I give you:

More after the jump. Much more.

Getafe: I bloody love you.


Fredorrarci 9/8/09 3:40 AM  

Translations welcome, by the way.

Eric 9/8/09 6:16 AM  

After this, the Burger King sponsorship makes much more sense.

Paul 11/8/09 5:24 AM  

"Getafe: I bloody love you."

or, at least their ad agency.

"After this, the Burger King sponsorship makes much more sense."

i am finding some google hits for Crispin Porter + Bogusky (BK's agency) and Getafe, but my Spanish is also bad, don't know if its definitive. Found someone's CV who worked on an ad for Getafe, agency listed as Publicis.

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