16 August 2009

Help me out here

During yesterday's game against Hull City, some Chelsea fans displayed a banner reading "Money can't buy everything", in relation to Manchester City's failed bid to sign John Terry.

Is this a remarkable lack of self-awareness or just remarkable self-awareness?


GW 16/8/09 7:49 PM  

Most definitely the former mate, here's another example:


stowe 16/8/09 9:21 PM  

I prefer to think it was actually a group of Fulham supporters alluding to Hull's failed bid for Bobby Zamora. They succeeded in taunting Hull and making Chelsea fans look like a bunch of idiots.

Elliott 17/8/09 2:32 AM  

I think its neither - money has bought Chelsea a handful of cup trophies the last few years. The problem is the price/value correlation

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