16 August 2009


That is the greatest thing I have seen in my entire fucking life.


Mark 17/8/09 10:18 AM  

Yep, I wanted to go in detail on this, and maybe after he runs the 200m I will find some words for it, but the most sensible post I could come up with for the time being ran thusly:


elliott 17/8/09 10:44 PM  

I agree Fredo - a very nice photo. The color turned out nice. Is it JPEG or PNG?

Fredorrarci 17/8/09 10:47 PM  

It's JPEG, as it hap-- Hey! Shut up!

j 18/8/09 12:59 AM  

imagine if he weren't peeking at tyson gay every half-second and just shut his damn eyes and ran.

Eric 18/8/09 2:26 AM  


Is he running the 400 too? I don't think there's any scheduling conflicts, like at the Olympics.

Fredorrarci 18/8/09 5:09 PM  

Unfortunately there is a scheduling conflict, so we won't get to see that this year. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Bolt intimated that he would like to do this at, say, Daegu in 2011 or London in 2012. Would the organisers shape the schedule to suit him?

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