11 July 2009

The hissing of summer...uh...roads...

Anyone who used to follow the Tour de France on Channel 4 will remember the fantastic theme music which, now that said station has disintegrated into a pitiful gloop of Big Brother, Russell Brand and some of the worst comedy ever to claim to be comedy (with the very occasional honourable exception), is no longer heard bar on YouTube.

But why is it that it took me until yesterday to find out that it was composed by...Pete Shelley? Yes, the Pete Shelley! Pete feckin' Buzzcocks friggin' Shelley! Maybe this is something that everyone else already knew and never told me, you swine.

It's a reworking of a song of his called 'Give It To Me', a wrong-speed vinyl-to-mp3 conversion of which I've managed to find. If anyone has the longform Channel 4 version, without the bits of commentary in the second video below, do please let me know.

UPDATE: After a bit of trial-and-error, I've taken that wrong-speed version of 'Give It To Me' and made my best estimate at a correct-speed version. I'm not familiar with the song, so it's probably a bit off, but Pete Shelley sounds like Pete Shelley, and the key sounds pretty similar to the Channel 4 theme, so...


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