09 July 2009

Aye, back to their communes and their collective farms

I was reminded of this by David Hepworth's blog today, and, thankfully, someone has posted it on YouTube. It's an episode from the great first series of Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?, and it has a footballing theme. Some of it is a bit 1973, if you know what I mean (mind you, some of the bits that are a bit 1973 are a bit 2009, too) but it's still wonderful.

(The theme music is missing from the beginning and end, for some reason. If you want to fill in the gaps the longform version is here.)

EDIT: Oh aye, and the sound's a bit low as well, so don't forget to turn the volume back down when you're finished.


Webbie @ Football and Music 10/7/09 6:18 AM  

I've been looking for that bugger for ages (the episode), so thanks for posting this mention of it.

- I also wanted the Ant & Dec note-for-note remake which is also on my list.
Haven't looked on YouTube yet, it might be there...

Webbie @ Football and Music 10/7/09 6:41 AM  

The David Hepworth...? Cool.

Fredorrarci 10/7/09 9:59 PM  

I don't actually know the man, I just follow his blog...

I haven't actually seen the Ant & Dec version. Was it any good?

Webbie @ Football and Music 11/7/09 5:15 AM  

No I meant it in the way that it is the man himself and until this post I never knew he blogged.

My memory is hazy of the aka PJ & Duncan version now. As I said it was pretty much a exact cover version. I remember reading that the little tykes adored the original and it was their "tribute" to the Likely's.

I also remember the panning it got from the reviewers.

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