28 June 2009

That Mitchell & Kenyon look

From the website of the British Film Institute:

"Mitchell & Kenyon was a late Victorian and Edwardian film company based in Blackburn in Lancashire - hitherto best known for minor contributions to early fictional narrative film and for fake Boer War films. The Mitchell & Kenyon collection, however, consists almost entirely of actuality films commissioned by travelling fairground operators for showing at local fairgrounds or other venues across the UK.

"The collection was stored for many decades in two large barrels following the winding-up of the firm, and was discovered in Blackburn in the early 1990s."

Many of these films were of sporting events, and here are some of them. They are truly remarkable, and there's plenty more of this stuff on YouTube if you care to look for it.


Tom 30/6/09 7:30 PM  

This is a fantastic treasure trove. Thank you finding it.

Fredorrarci 30/6/09 8:14 PM  

You're very welcome.

Brian 2/7/09 1:33 PM  

I could spend a year watching these instead of live football, I think.

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