01 May 2009

A post, containing some links

Though I set up a Twitter feed mainly to post links to stuff of interest, I forgot to tweeterificise (is that the verb?) a couple of doozies in the last few days. So here they are instead, along with two more I did remember to twittonisticate, but which deserve further highlighting. PLUS! PLUS! PLUS!!! A VIDEO! VIDEO! VIDEO!!!

* The Run of Play on what Tuesday's game means for Barcelona's identity. (Chelsea's identity is inextricably bound with the notion of evil, but that's hardly news.) As usual on RoP, you should read the comments as well.

STOP THE PRESSES!: Brian follows up on the aforelinked post with a, uh, follow-up post, which you really must read.

* Top-notch NBA blog Hardwood Paroxysm on how difficult it truly is to know what goes on inside sportspeople's minds: "Psychological assessment in sport doesn’t determine causes so much as it determines symptoms." A really good post.

* Off the Post with a news report from 1991 (I think) about Eric Cantona's trial at Sheffield Wednesday, before he scoffed at Wednesday's notion that he should extend the trial and instead buggered off to Leeds. And the rest, etc.

* Fisted Away, on top form as always, on Phil Brown's starting to refer to himself in the fifth person.

* Via the Guardian blog: Joyce and Beckett play pitch and putt.


NickDunmore 1/5/09 1:40 AM  

Too kind, thank you.

I Should Be So Lucky!

Fredorrarci 1/5/09 1:53 AM  

I missed that episode. Cheers.

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