03 May 2009

I feel this should be pointed out

Note the dates:

René Higuita (Colombia), vs. England, Wembley, September 7 1995.

day today scorpion infinite loop

The Day Today, episode 5; original date of transmission: February 16 1994.

If you're wondering what the Division Two scores were:

The Arithmetic-Marjorie match was "postponed due to bent pitch".

The next episode had some more results:


Joao Jorge 3/5/09 8:11 PM  

i have no proof to give, that may take this recollection out of my own childhood fantasy world and take it to the public at large, but, i recall a goal, scored by the (original) "Danish Dinamite" of the middle 80's (the Soren Lerby, Elkjaer-Larsen, Laudrup gang), after a cornerkick, the attacker strikes the ball with his heels, while doing the exact same gesture as portrayed in the video.

Again, i have no proof, but this i remember, and i saw it only once, more than 25 years ago.

Fredorrarci 3/5/09 11:43 PM  

Now that's got me curious! I'd love to track that goal down.

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