29 May 2009

Anger is an energy. Selective memory loss is a pathology: An FA Cup final preview, whose length is commensurate with how excited I am about the game

One of the most tedious plots of next season will be Chelsea's invocation of the injustice, oh the injustice!, of their Champions League elimination as a motivating factor in their attempts to conquer the known world (no, really, they'll actually do it this time!). Lord help us all if they face Barcelona next season...

Anyway, they're getting their eye in this weekend, as Guus "Guus" Hiddink confirms:

Of course you can play out of anger. It's good to use that. The internal motivation is high in the team. Bit by bit, day by day I'm getting rid of the anger from the Barcelona match, but if you push the right button in my soul you will find a bit of anger.
So they're going with the we-are-the-Serbia-of-football method, as opposed to the somewhat more truthful our-super-duper-genius-tactical-masterplan-um-actually-sort-of-didn't-work-and-we've-sometimes-benefited-from-questionable-refereeing-decisions-ourselves-if-we're-being-honest-so-we'll-just-have-to-take-it-on-the-chin-oh-well-tomorrow's-another-day approach.

Of course, David Moyes is not averse to a spot of referees-all-have-it-in-for-us misdirection, though it always seems calculated to have a benefit for Everton somewhere down the line. And I'll take sincere insincerity over hysterical fuckwittery at least five-and-one-tenth times out of ten.


Red Ranter 30/5/09 6:57 AM  

Heh - "fuckwittery".

I like.

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