09 March 2009

Holy shit

I promise I'm not going to post every time Eduardo scores*, but, I repeat...holy shit.

Video link

* Not a valid promise.


NickDunmore 9/3/09 11:00 PM  

His left foot is so cultured it is yoghurt*.

I also enjoyed the performances from Bizarro Song and Bizarro Eboue.

*- for the full effect, imagine that being said by Ray Hudson.

Fredorrarci 10/3/09 4:14 PM  

I didn't see the whole game, though they looked good from the highlights (however significant that is), especially Song. I'll believe when I see it against a good team, though.

Why is it always left feet that are cultured? Do right feet just watch Big Brother all day or something?

NickDunmore 11/3/09 12:31 AM  

I think that Stewart Downing's left foot is the least cultured. It thinks jazz is "just a load of fussy noise".

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