10 March 2009

Close the door before the steam gets out!

I've only ever seen drips and drabs of ESPN, on the net and the odd occasion that NASN -- as was -- would have a freeview weekend...but The Onion appear to have it spot on to me.

A better, non-OSN, one:


Brian 10/3/09 11:06 PM  

They're so spot-on that the first video doesn't even become a parody until the subject matter is introduced. The entire set-up, with the "steam room" and the cheesy machismo about "standing the heat," just feels like a re-enactment. Compared to some ESPN shows, it's actually understatement.

Anonymous,  19/3/09 5:28 PM  

The second is no less spectacular as well. Made a small but very real laugh escape from my soul.

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