25 March 2009

"And Jesus took the cupped hands of Ashley Cole and drank from them, oblivious as to where they had been the night before"

From the New York Times' Goal blog, on some pre-season tournament thingy involving several big European clubs in the States this summer:

“It gives us the opportunity to really capitalize on the growing support of the game,” said Peter Kenyon, the chief executive of Chelsea. “It’s utilizing the team — on the back of broadcast — to go and support football development, soccer development, and also allow our fans, who are an ever-growing number, to come and touch the holy grail if you like.”
"Touch the holy grail"! He actually said "touch the holy grail"!

Maybe the Vatican have missed a trick. Instead of lugging Padre Pio's[*] relics around the place, perhaps they should stage games in which, say, Liverpool and Chivas de Guadalajara dutifully go about the motions, playing out time until their flight home is due.

*Who has his own website. Oh yes.


NickDunmore 26/3/09 2:16 PM  

"Wayne Bridge chose...poorly"

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