16 November 2008

Post-election analysis from our Washington correspondent

Welcome back. It's now almost a fortnight since Barack Obama made history by becoming the first African-American to win a US presidential election. Obama was swept to victory on a wave of hope and optimism, but two weeks on, has the result sunk in for the American people? And what next for the beleaguered Republican party as they try to recover from their electoral decimation? We now go live to our Washington correspondent, Justin.tv Chat Window, to talk us through the issues. Good morning, Justin.

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It's difficult to overstate the historic nature of this election. With the benefit of a couple of weeks' reflection, has there been anything more said on this?
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Now that the euphoria of Obama's victory has died away, what has he been saying about the challenges ahead?
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The most pressing concern for Obama is to select his new cabinet. All manner of names have been bandied about - what's the latest news?
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President Bush is now in his final weeks in office - I heard one American commentator refer to it as "garbage time". What is his role in this period before he leaves the White House?
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Many people are predicting that Sarah Palin will become the face of the Republican party and that she may even run for President in 2012. Is this really possible? Where do the GOP go from here?
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The result of the election has seen an unprecedentedly favourable response outside the United States. How has that been received over there?
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Okay, thank you for your time this morning, Justin.
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ursus arctos 17/11/08 11:27 AM  

Makes more sense than Free Republic . . .

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