18 November 2008

Not that it's in our nature to be sceptical, but...

The official Sport is a TV Show position on this from the Guardian is to refuse to believe in the existence of such a player called Koko Resurreccion without further proof, but to fervently hope that he does. If not, though, I'm dropping Fredorrarci as my nom de bloggue and taking Koko Resureccion instead.


ursus arctos 19/11/08 1:29 PM  

I had a similar reaction to this news and therefore did some research.

It seems that what has happened is that the Grauniad has conflated two promising Spain U-17 players, both of whom play for Atletico Madrid.

"Keko" is actually Sergio Gontan Gallardo, but the real name of his teammate "Koke" is Jorge Resurrección Merodio (with Merodio being his mother's maiden name).

I have no idea which one Arsene is actually looking at, but Koke Resurrecion may be even better than Keko.

You can see both of them by clicking on "Centrocampistas" on this page on Atleti's site: http://www.clubatleticodemadrid.com/es/cantera/atmb_jugadores.asp

Fredorrarci 19/11/08 5:39 PM  

Thanks for that, ursus. I'd had a look at the Wikipedia page for the Spain U-17s, which lists Keko (but not Koke), which had me a bit stumped.

But the most important thing about all this is that the name Koko Resurección is free. Bagsy!

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