03 November 2008

Media outlet in "full of shite" shocker!

Things are bad at Arsenal. You can tell because yesterday's Arseblog contained just two swear-words, one of which was the bog-standard "shit". (The other was "Sp*rs" - asterisk not mine, I should add.)

I'm not going to pretend the outlook is sunny. I may have still not watched the Spurs game (maybe I'll buy the DVD!*) but, like a Daily Mail reader who just has to get angry about something, I did watch the highlights of that...thing that happened in Stoke on Saturday. Like, oh my god...

Arsenal have swung wildly and missed the full toss of an opening schedule that was sent their way. Things are likely to get worse before they get better given that next on the bill are Manchester United, Aston Villa, Man City, Chelsea and Amr Zaki. It's all a bit of a mess at the moment.

So, what to do? Think about sacking the manager, of course!

I know the folk over at The Game section of the Times website probably have to generate hits to satisfy the demands of advertisers and whatnot. But holy mother of divine shite - they're not subtle about it. Here's how it works: posit a ludicrous notion, feasible only as an extreme conclusion to a given situation, in such a manner that it differs from the bulk of material on the 606 forum chiefly in grammar and punctuation. Then wait for the inevitably polarised responses and congratulate yourself on having sparked "debate" which only adds to the thick layer of crud which makes up most of football discourse.

Yes, Wenger has made a bit of an arse of things since last season. But he has done more than enough to deserve the chance to make things right again. Just because other teams (cough cough) see throwing the coach overboard as the first resort, just because teams are constantly egged on by the media to operate in such a way, doesn't mean that Arsenal should succumb to it too.

Of course, I realise I'm an idiot for rising to the bait, but hey...

UPDATE (4/11): A more reasoned look at the issue on The Game today by Oliver Kay, even if it doesn't say much that hasn't been said a gazillion times already by fans and non-fans alike.


*Or not. And I've resolved never to watch a second of footage from the game. I specialise in such denial of reality - I have still not seen Ryan Giggs' goal in the 1999 FA Cup semi-final. That's not a lie.


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