12 November 2008

Hagerty F; Hagerty R, Tompkins; Noble, Carrick, Robson; Crapper, Dewhurst, McIntyre, Treadmore, Davitt

Regular readers will notice some provisional changes made to the left hand side of this here blog. This is the old picture that used to adorn that space below the title:

It's the cover of McIntyre, Treadmore and Davitt, Half Man Half Biscuit's fine if somewhat overrated second third (see comments) album (they get better with each record, I feel).

It is, in fact, a still from an episode of Ripping Yarns, a post-Monty Python series by Michael Palin and Terry Jones. The new images in the sidebar are taken from the same scene.

The episode is called 'Golden Gordon' and concerns a fanatical supporter of the world's worst football team and the lengths he'll go to save them. I'll warrant that many a football fan will see a bit of themselves in it...

I'm surprised it's taken me this long to put this up here, so without further ado, here is your feature presentation - 'Golden Gordon':

More YouTubery tomorrow...


Jim 12/11/08 11:19 PM  

Cracking cover and clips - but McIntyre Treadmore and Davitt is in fact HMHB's third album, assuming you don't count the ACD rerelease as an album in its own right. The first two being, of course Back In The DHSS and Back Again In The DHSS.

As for them improving as the albums went, I don't know about that. I'm not sure they've managed to top some of the songs that appeared on those first two albums. But then I am an old git.

Keep up the good work,


Fredorrarci 12/11/08 11:32 PM  

Cheers, Jim. You're right about it being the third album, of course. I'll amend that.

As much as I love the early stuff (my introduction to HMHB was through All I Want for Christmas, predictably enough) my very, very favourite songs tend to be on later albums - songs like A Country Practice, Uffington Wassail and the mighty National Shite Day. It's all fantastic, anyway, so it's horses for courses.

ursus arctos 13/11/08 3:16 PM  

Even for those of us who know nothing of Half Man Half Biscuit (my loss, I'm sure) this is a wonderful public service.

One of the real high points of Ripping Yarns, which never hit a real run of form.

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