14 November 2008

God bless the internet

I had no idea of the existence of this until I chanced upon some clips from it while flicking through the telly last week. It is an official FIFA film containing footage of Uruguay's triumphant hosting of the first World Cup. We see footage of Uruguay's gold-medal-winning displays at the 1924 and 1928 Olympic Games, the construction of the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, the World Cup's opening Opening Ceremony (note how the US team line up behind a sign saying not 'Estados Unidos' but 'Nte. América') and scenes of the Uruguay team in relaxed mood.

But best of all is the footage from the final itself, beginning towards the end of the first part. It's colourised, and even though it should therefore feel adulterated, for me it gives the whole scene an extra verve. And despite the quality of the film not being very high, it's thrilling to see this record of one of football's greatest days.


Richard Whittall 14/11/08 1:23 PM  

Great find...I'm reading about this era in Jonathan Wilson's book, "Inverting the Pyramid." Uruguay's early accomplishments deserve this and more...

Fredorrarci 15/11/08 3:31 PM  

Agreed. It's a good book, is that, by the way.

Iain 15/11/08 10:01 PM  

I only found this site via the link on Richard's site today, but this was an excellent find and thanks for posting.

I've added this site to my Google Reader.

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