21 October 2008

Grovelling to the fates + ITV, I'm grateful for your free-to-air Champions League coverage, but your presentation often leaves something to be desired

Me and my smart arse. Before comparing Spurs to a cartoon clown an evil genius condemned by cruel fate to the role of a dyspeptic clown's sidekick, I should have had a look at the fixture list. Assuming they cock up at home to Bolton at the weekend, they will go into tomorrow week's game still with that 0 in the W column. Who are they playing tomorrow week? Uh huh.

It's all set up perfectly. Tottenham haven't beaten Arsenal in the league since their Southern League days. Arsenal's defence is just hideous. Arsenal will probably be super-confident after scrabbling a win in the last ten minutes at West Ham. The game is at Fortress Ashburton. And I've only gone and pulled a moonie in the face of Fate.

It's going to end in tears, and probably a twenty-one man brawl.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to retract my last post. Though I'm still going to leave it up. As a warning to myself, obviously.

In other news, at the beginning of each half of Fenerbahce-Arsenal, ITV ran a caption at the bottom of the screen with the Arsenal line-up, plus subs, but didn't do the same with the Fenerbahce side. But then, all them teams are pretty much the same outside the big three leagues, aren't they?


ursus arctos 22/10/08 11:07 AM  

Sideshow Bob is not a clown.

Crusty is a clown. Sideshow Bob is an evil genius condemned by cruel fate to the role of a dyspeptic clown's sidekick.

Juande Ramos and Sideshow Bob have quite a bit in common.

Fredorrarci 22/10/08 5:05 PM  

I am suitably embarrassed at such a basic error. I will amend the text accordingly.

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