19 June 2008

People Working In An Office Is A TV Show

This has nothing to do with sport, but I'm alone in the house and I have to share this with someone.

There's this TV station called Bedroom TV. Their normal programming consists of videos that members of the public have sent in, of them miming along to a song. That's pretty much it. Flicking through the music stations recently, I caught a glimpse of BTV's latest show. Here's the premise: live footage of the BTV office. It's that simple. It's a bunch of people sitting at their computers, not talking to each other. A woman idly browses the web. The man opposite to her is moving some papers from one side of his desk to another. Oh, look! That man is getting up and going for his lunch!

On the screen is a caption urging us to send in our videos, but only if they contain non-copyrighted music, which may be a clue as to why they're having to resort to putting a camera in their office.

Right now, I'm watching another channel, Ape TV. Currently showing is Live Ape Office. The programme description reads "The team that bring you Ape TV, live from their own offices". There a desk with a man at one end and a woman at the other; both are working at their computers.

And I'm hooked. I can't drag myself away. It's incredibly tedious, but because it's on TV, it's tedium you want to watch. You can project whatever thrilling storyline you want onto it: will the sexual tension spill over (oh, it's definitely there) as Ape TV's finest do it, right there on the desk?

Do they actually know about the camera that's beaming their every move live to several people on channel 196? Will one of them discover it on their way to the shredder, leading to an office mutiny, accompanied by much wanton destruction of office equipment? Or will they retaliate, planting their own camera in the boss' office and showing it on channel 197?

Will there be a paper jam in the printer?

And there are fully three hours of this stuff! That's twice as long as a football match! Who needs sport? If the rest of Euro 2008 can provide as memorable a moment as when the man left his seat to go somewhere else in the office, only he had to stop halfway, go back to his back and get something he'd forgotten, I'll be very surprised.

EDIT: I've changed the name of this post because the original made no sense. Hey, it was 4 in the afternoon, it was early...


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