08 June 2008

Super Extra Bonus Nostalgiarama

Further to the pathetic descent into reminiscence in the last post, here's a priceless clip from Football Italia in 1995. A stunningly hirsute James Richardson reads out the half-time scores in an oddly familiar way; all is revealed at 1:16....


Anonymous,  10/6/08 8:14 PM  

Haha...I thought that was Elvis Costello right away, but I had to replay the early part of the clip a couple of times because I didn't get exactly what you meant by the oddly familiar way the scores were read out. It was the Bari score that did it.

fredorrarci 11/6/08 4:05 PM  

As I posted this, I wasn't aware that my build-up to the big reveal would be imediately spoiled. Oh well.

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