12 June 2008

Please, just once in my life, let this happen...

My last post was called Correct me if I'm wrong, but..., so I may as well do it myself. The scenario I described therein does not rely on the result between Portugal and Switzerland. So, it's even more likely than I first thought, unless I've understood the rules completely incorrectly.

This has got me thinking. Imagine if this situation applied not to two joint-second-placed sides, but two teams in equal first, level on points, goal difference and goals scored. They meet in the last game and draw, finishing the group in joint-first. Both teams are through, but a shoot-out is needed to determine who finishes top and who finishes second.

Now, imagine that before the game began, it was known that the runner-up in this group would have an easier draw in the knockout phase. After ninety minutes of our game, with both sides already assured of qualification, they both know it would be in their interest to lose the shoot-out. So, what happens next....


Steve 12/6/08 4:03 PM  

That reminds me of the story about 2 guys grousing about who had the slower horse. It got to the point where they proposed a race. So how do you get around the incentive to lose? Each one rode the other's horse.

I don't know how you'd apply this to your perverse shootout. Swapping jerseys beforehand wouldn't be quite the same thing.

fredorrarci 12/6/08 4:21 PM  

Perhaps it could be determined by artistic impression: who can come up with the most creative ways to miss their penalties.

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