16 June 2018

The gift that keeps giving

Cristiano Ronaldo scored with an exquisite free kick to complete his hat-trick and secure a 3-3 draw with Spain in the World Cup today. If you haven't seen it: it was almost the equal of Aleksandr Golovin's for Russia against Saudi Arabia. Yet if he had contrived to shank it fifty feet high and wide, it would have been just as wondrous, just as pleasurable. Football's mysteries are unfathomable.


Webbie - FootieAndMusic 16/6/18 2:03 AM  

Well I postulate that Nacho's exotic outside of the boot curler was just as comprable to Cheryshev's strike for the Huskies in the same game. Which though I would have equally enjoyed if he spooned it out to the corner flag.

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