17 October 2011


sunderrvpshoty57 by arsenalist

Via 101 Great Goals.


Ted 17/10/11 9:14 PM  

You know, I'm sort of glad he missed, because otherwise I'd have to listen to Manchester fans talking about how much more skill Cantona used to escape the four black cats nipping at his ankles, the run, etc. etc. Van Persie's effort is so economical in this regard.

But so help me, I'm mostly not glad he missed. That turn is...emasculating? Tasty? Which? I don't know.

Fredorrarci 18/10/11 11:04 PM  

I wish he'd scored as well. Lord, how I wish he'd scored. But I realised as the ball was in mid-air that on some level, I didn't mind so much. 's weird.

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