06 January 2011

fuckyeahheybulldogpontadelancaafricanoandprologuetohistory.tumblr.com was already taken...

...so have some of this instead. The January Norman Einstein's is now live, and, as the king almost said in the delivery room, what a tremendous issue it is. Somehow, there's even room for a piece what I wrote — or, I should say, dictated. Using the vast, vast, vast, huge, vast contact book the SIATVS team has amassed over the years, we got a real live footballer* to tell us about the music that runs through his head when he faces the mighty Barcelona. You can even listen along as you read and...

...Why, yes, I have got Datblygu's Wyau/Pyst/Libertino collection with — with lyrics and translations — since that time I mentioned it! Well spotted! Very good it is too, I might add. There's even a song, 23, which manages to squeeze in this chorus:

"O'n i'n 23 dydd Llun
Ac rwy'n teimlo ac yn edrych fel Jock Stein"

(I was 23 on Monday
And I feel and look like Jock Stein)

But yeah, read Einstein's; it's great.

I won't even mind if you don't read my piece.*

Japanese puking kittens by Ray Larabie on Flickr.

* I might be making this up.


Webbie @ Football and Music 7/1/11 1:14 AM  

23 ? Oh where did the time go...

I'll get your blanket.

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