19 August 2010

SIATVS world domination progress report

Ha! Take that, sport is good for health!

Cad faoi i mo thír dhúchais?

Bless you. Though the fact that sport is a tv show is higher than sport is made for betting makes we wonder whether I bribed Google and it slipped my mind. It's so hard to keep track sometimes.

And how about our cousins in that big island off our coast?

Yeah, well, I didn't support England in the World Cup, either. Perhaps an alliance with sport is the opiate of the masses is in order. Or maybe I should aim for the sport is a waste of time market: for those for whom sport is not quite enough of a waste of time for them to type sport is a waste of time into Google.

A new essay-type-thingy post will appear here as soon as this incoherent pile of notes before me arranges itself into something resembling sense as I sleep. Meanwhile, do pop along to Pelé Week at Run of Play, and watch this goal by the man Pelé could have been had he been Paddy McCourt. Basically, he's like that white-suited yakuza fella from The Simpsons. The illogical shot may be even better than the run:


Ted Harwood 20/8/10 12:45 AM  

That shot is in a way particular to football, too; in ice hockey, I reckon that shot would be precisely what a player would almost always do. In football, though, cutting across, sliding, and shooting there is one in a thousand.

And bless Neil Lennon's reaction, too...

Fredorrarci 30/8/10 3:08 PM  

What? Oh right, the new post. Fuck. I mean, um ... it will be available at some point. Some point in the future.

Anonymous,  30/8/10 8:51 PM  

Superb goal - watched it over and over.

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