11 July 2010

I tell ya, the Dutch are weeping in four languages at least

YES, IT'S ANOTHER FALL REFERENCE. I know. Look, I know! I mean, what about it? What abloodybout it, hmm? Two years ago, I never got to use the headline I'd lovingly prepared for after the Euro 2008 final: "They'll be soliciting perverts in the streets of St. Pauli tonight!". So I'm having my fun this time. It's either this or "They'll be abusing animals horribly in the streets of Pamplona tonight!". Which would be insincere anyway, because I'm not that fussed about that sort of thing. If God hadn't meant for us to stick a spike through a bull, he wouldn't have made it get angry by some fella waving a cape in his face, would he?

The keen-eared Fall fan may notice that the above performance is the one that ended up on the Perverted by Language LP. There you are, now.

And to prove there's a Fall song for every occasion, here's one about England's elimination:


Nick 14/7/10 12:09 AM  

I had Idiot Joy Showland for England:

"The working class has been shafted
So what the fuck you sneering at?
Your prerogative in life it seems
Is living out an ad man's dream"

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