19 April 2010


So Sport Is A TV Show has been nominated for an EPL Talk award, which is very nice and all that.

Voting is open to you, you beautiful chunk of reader you. With that in mind, I urge you to head over there and not vote for us. Yes, not vote for us. To be honest, if you were all to vote for us, the landslide victory would be, well, embarrassing. Plus we might get full of ourselves like the British Labour party after the 1997 election. I've already been scouting for locations to build a giant tent commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the day Arsenal clinched the 1991 championship. Do you want that on your conscience? DO YOU?

So pick one of the other blogs and vote for them: if not out of respect for our sense of modesty, then at least out of pure pity for the proprietors of those other sites, some of whom, I'm told, are not entirely repellent. Then we can watch the results roll in, clock our meagre haul and bask in the moral victory. Which is what sport is about, isn't it?


Fredorrarci 19/4/10 4:56 PM  

Oh, while you're at it, do take the trouble to leave a snotty comment bemoaning our nomination. Don't make me get Mandy in! Ta.

Webbie @ Football and Music 19/4/10 6:08 PM  

Ah my sympathies to you...
Hope it heals.

(I also agree with Nick will be voting for this 3rd party candidate.)

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